Experience a new way of interactive construction planning with dproB

WHAT IS dproB?

dproB is a software built from the ground to provide a professional digital tool for modeling, simulation and visualization of construction processes.

dproB implements amazing features on top of a state-of-the-art computational model. It allows you to import your target constructions, model arbitrarily detailed construction steps to get there, re-use construction sequences to accelerate modeling and to build on top of optimal routines. 

With dproB, you can interactively present construction processes, record movies or export to common planning softwares.

Best of all, dproB lets you model, re-use, simulate, visualize and adjust any aspects interactively, on-the-fly, relying on a natural virtual reality user interface.

Intuitive Control

The best technologies are those that are effortless and powerful. Therefore, we strive for natural human interfaces that build on established interaction gestures and visuals.


BIM models are seamlessly imported, processes are modeled in a virtual sandbox and familiar metaphors such as tablets, VCR and domain-specific diagrams are used to control and adjust the simulation.

Perform in VR

Managing complex 3D environments, virtual reality really plays out its potential! Accessible, cost-saving VR-technology lets you understand spatial relationships and changes over time.

Map your Site

Using satellite imagery and height-field data, the ground for a construction site and its local logistics is set. No-driving zones, drop zones, and other zones inform the construction processes.

Complex Planning

Systems are conveyed at a glance by means of effective tagging and grouping mechanisms. Logical interdependencies, movement paths and collisions are highlighted in 3D and in tailor-fit diagrams such as path-time diagrams and bar charts.

Intelligent Data-Management

Construction steps are encoded in abstract graph structures that flexibly and efficiently drive the simulation. Sequences of steps can be stored to archive and to make knowledge accessible.

Lean Process Planning

dproB allows you to quickly step through all the construction elements and determine the sequence of their construction. Whenever you see challenging situations arise, simply increase the level of detail of the simulation model for a short period of the construction process and add further information such as elaborate paths for transport logistics or concise steps of machine control.

Railway Construction

Time criticality of construction processes enters the next level of complexity and perfection, when high-throughput transport infrastructure comes into play. dproB provides a rich set of utilities to support railway construction processes, including parametric data representations of rail paths and points, rail cutting and merging at variable lengths, and export to softwares such TILOS. 

Road Construction

Great numbers of heterogeneous vehicles increase the odds of traffic jams and accidents, put lives at risk and lead to steep increases in cost and time. dproB allows you to aim for an optimal lane and traffic management while focussing on the perfect design of the required road works.


We are searching for partners that want to grow their businesses together with us! We have been systematically expanding our software solution for specific construction domains to strengthen the accessibility of its interfaces and the power of its features. 

Join us and establish a long-term win-win situation!

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